Carbon Outlook Webinar: How did emissions evolve in 2022 and what can we expect in 2023?

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Carbon outlook launch

The 4C Carbon Outlook for 2022 is launched during a webinar taking place on 16 February. 

The annual Carbon Outlooks released by the EU-funded 4C project provide an overview of the evolution of the CO2 emissions during the past year, prepared in collaboration with the Global Carbon Project.

Building on the latest Global Carbon Budget released during COP27 last November, 4C researchers are now launching the 4C Carbon Outlook 2022. The report looks at how much CO2 was emitted into the atmosphere during the past year, analysing the contribution of different fossil fuel categories and top emitting countries. Launched in February 2023, the outlook also looks at what may happen with emissions during 2023, providing estimates on the potential growth of fossil CO2 emissions.

It is reported that recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic continues in 2022, with fossil CO2 emissions reaching 37.5 billion tonnes of CO2 (GtCO2), showing a 0.9% increase over 2021 and further shrinking the remaining carbon budget to keep global warming below 1.5°C.

Outlook Launch & Webinar 

The 4C Carbon Outlook 2022 will be launched during a webinar held on Thursday 16 February 2023, at 11:30-12:30 CET.

The webinar is open to all audiences, although prior registration is required.

A detailed agenda and speakers are found below:

  • Welcome and Introduction - Ilaria Vigo, BSC
  • Emissions in the last decadeGlen Peters, CICERO
  • World's top emitter: ChinaJan Ivar Korsbakken, CICERO
  • Other top emitters: EU, US and IndiaRobbie Andrew, CICERO 
  • How will emissions evolve in 2023?Glen Peters, CICERO
  • The drivers of a recovery in 2023, the EU and ChinaYan Qin, Refinitiv Carbon (invited speaker)
  • Discussion & QuestionsModerator: Miriam Dahl, CICERO





Webinar agenda and speakers